Bunts Family History and Ancestry
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Hello Bunts and the extended family!

Welcome to the World Bunts Family History and Genealogy virtual home. The idea of this web site is to store information about our family history. We can store information's that include not only the technical details of a person's life, such as their birth date, whom they married, where they lived, their achievments and so forth, but also about the person themselves such as their likes, dislikes, hobbies, hopes and dreams.

With the Internet becoming more accessible,what better way can we store and preserve our precious family history for generations to come. This information will bring people and families closer even though they may be continents apart. We will be able to communicate with each other more effectively and pass on the information to future generations.

The origins of the Bunts is not clearly known , but we historically followed the matrilineal system. This system was common to many communities in coastal Karnataka and Kerala. It was called Aliya Kattu. The bari were passed from mother to children. Also, Bunts practiced endogamy (not necessarily anymore though) and hence its quite easy to trace links between families or guthus/manes.

Want to create your family tree or find out who you are related to or who your ancestors were, please Register as a User, build your family tree and check it out for yourself.

The World Bunts Family Tree is designed the following way

Bunts Family Tree A container for all Branches of Bunts.
Branch A Branch is something like a Guthu/Mane to which a person belongs. Multiple families can belong to a branch
Family Husband, wife and children if any, form a Family
Person Is an individual who belongs to a family

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